Personal Mastery Hub

‘The best teachers are those that show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.’ – A. Trenfor.

Success is personal. It looks and feels different for everyone. Our team of advisors guide you as you craft your success story. By looking at the 6 pillars that makes you a well being, you share with us what you see. As we explore with you alternate ideas and new ways of thinking, you assess where you’re at, where you want to be, and based on what you’ve learn’t, determine what you can do to get there.

Working with you, your advisor will:

  • Help you understand what’s essential to ongoing personal mastery:
    • Clarifying what’s important to you;
    • Helping you see the current reality more clearly.
  • Establish the blueprint to bring about the change and success you want.
  • Bring together the team needed to support you.
  • Hold you accountable and inspire you to achieve more.
  • Continue to equip and empower you with the tools to get it done.
  • Measure and manage the outcomes with you, and where necessary adjust.
  • Celebrate the wins.

As we explore the 6 pillars of life – physical, economical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual – we challenge existing paradigms and break down limiting beliefs and work towards closing the gap on where you are and where you want to be.

Steps to success!

  • 360° Evaluation
  • Fact Find
  • Develop your success blueprint
  • Build your success team
  • Create success

Take a snapshot!

How happy are you with your current overall health and wellbeing? Do you have the energy needed to sustain you through the day?
How much peace of mind do you have regarding your financial security? How would you rate the excitement and fulfillment you get from your current job?
How confident are you when juggling the emotional challenges and mental tasks you face each day?
Are you realising your cognitive and academic potential? Are you regularly challenging your existing thinking and learning new things, whether formally or informally?
How would you rate the quality of your current relationships?
What score would you give to your sense of purpose and meaning in life?

/kəˈlabəreɪt/Collaborate: work jointly towards a common goal

/kriːˈeɪt/Create: bring into existence